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Vancouver Corporate Portrait Photographer – Amanda Armstrong

Everyone is great at something and we would like to think portrait photography is in our wheelhouse.

Though we pride ourselves on being able to bring out the best in everyone, shy/awkward or otherwise, it really makes our day when we get a friendly face that makes our job look easy.

Amanda was just one of those people. She came in with a great attitude and a ready smile that allowed us to easily showcase her professional and friendly personality. Amanda was looking for a headshot to bolster her online profile as she set out to hunt for work in a new city. We’re happy to hear that she was hired as an Analytical Management Consultant at a large firm. We could pretend that our headshot work helped play a role in her new position, but Amanda’s experience and education (probably) had more to do with that. All kidding aside, Highline West would like to congratulate Amanda in her new job and wish her all the best in her future ventures!

Vancouver Headshots: Gammon International

It’s always great to get new business. I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of seeing new headshot or architectural enquiries in the old inbox. In fact, the only thing that might edge out fresh work is perhaps receiving jobs from friends. It’s always so rewarding find out that people you know have been keeping tabs on your business and that they’ll think of you right away when the time comes.

It’s for this reason that it was such a pleasure to have the Vice Presidents of Gammon International, Justin & Stan Chiu, in studio for a corporate headshot session. They are both long time friends who just happened to be updating the print ad campaign and website for their property management company. Suffice it to say we jumped on the opportunity to help them out and the whole in studio session turned out to be a lot of fun (and even more easy going than our cold call appointments)!

We can’t wait to see how their new ads and website turn out.

Vancouver Headshot Photographer – Kenny Chue

Highline West was lucky enough to have Kenny find us on his Facebook feed. Seeing Jessie’s headshot session galvanized Kenny to contact us out of the blue for some business headshots. And although it took a bit of coordinating before we could actually get him in studio (between his job transition and moving back to Vancouver from Victoria), we are very pleased with the results!


Kenny is currently aspiring to attain his CFA designation and is already looking forward to moving into an accounting practice of his own!
[pictureframe image=”http://highlinewest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-2.jpg” align=”center” lightbox=”false” title=”Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-2″ link=”” width=”” height=””]
[pictureframe image=”http://highlinewest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-3.jpg” align=”center” lightbox=”false” title=”Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-2″ link=”” width=”” height=””]

Vancouver Headshot Photographer – In Studio with Victor

Victor was referred to us by another prominent headshot photographer in Vancouver. He was looking for professional, in studio headshots and we were happy to take him on as a client. One of the first things he admitted to us when he showed up was that he “had never taken a professional photo before” and while that can be a daunting task sometimes, we are always up for the challenge!


As it turns out, Victor was a bit of a natural in front of the camera and it didn’t take long before we were able to coax a few friendly and confident photos out of him.


Victor is a VP of a real estate development firm in Richmond, B.C. and a well known figure in that sector of the corporate world. It was a pleasure to have him in studio and he can now enjoy the 40% discount for any updated images he might need in the coming years! More information about our headshot packages and discounts can be found here: www.highlinewest.com/rates.