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Vancouver Corporate Portrait Photographer – Amanda Armstrong

Everyone is great at something and we would like to think portrait photography is in our wheelhouse.

Though we pride ourselves on being able to bring out the best in everyone, shy/awkward or otherwise, it really makes our day when we get a friendly face that makes our job look easy.

Amanda was just one of those people. She came in with a great attitude and a ready smile that allowed us to easily showcase her professional and friendly personality. Amanda was looking for a headshot to bolster her online profile as she set out to hunt for work in a new city. We’re happy to hear that she was hired as an Analytical Management Consultant at a large firm. We could pretend that our headshot work helped play a role in her new position, but Amanda’s experience and education (probably) had more to do with that. All kidding aside, Highline West would like to congratulate Amanda in her new job and wish her all the best in her future ventures!

Dear Photograph – Highline West takes a look at itself

So far so good!

It’s been more than a year since Highline West hit the ground running. Having been a bit green to the idea of owning and managing a business, we’ve encountered all of the mistakes… and lived to tell the tale. Sure there have been a lot of ups and downs, slow moments, even slower moments and some nerve racking situations, but we’re still here and from what we can tell: stronger than ever. We’ve met great people, learned from our mistakes, built an entire studio from the ground up and had fun doing it all. Our clients love the headshot work that we do and our architectural photography services are set up to take off. What more could we ask for? The reason we bring this up now is because it’s nice to reflect on the past. Good (and/) or bad.

One of our partners took some film images of us on his vintage rangefinder around this time last year and we thought it would be fun to turn the camera around on ourselves again now. So as a visual representation of ourselves, then and now, we present our version of Dear Photograph.

Vancouver Headshots: Gammon International

It’s always great to get new business. I don’t think we’ll ever get tired of seeing new headshot or architectural enquiries in the old inbox. In fact, the only thing that might edge out fresh work is perhaps receiving jobs from friends. It’s always so rewarding find out that people you know have been keeping tabs on your business and that they’ll think of you right away when the time comes.

It’s for this reason that it was such a pleasure to have the Vice Presidents of Gammon International, Justin & Stan Chiu, in studio for a corporate headshot session. They are both long time friends who just happened to be updating the print ad campaign and website for their property management company. Suffice it to say we jumped on the opportunity to help them out and the whole in studio session turned out to be a lot of fun (and even more easy going than our cold call appointments)!

We can’t wait to see how their new ads and website turn out.

Vancouver Headshot Photographer – Dean Hassan

Dean Hassan, a new realtor for Sutton Group West Coast Realty, was looking for headshots to promote his business. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that he picked our portraits from the hundreds available on a simple google image search. What a compliment!


Although he was a bit apprehensive at first, Dean settled in quite nicely. Having just gotten his realty license, Dean was eager to start taking on clients and it was nice to hear that having solid headshots was one of his top priorities. We can’t wait to see him again in a few years to update his images and ask how his business is doing.


You can find more info about Dean and his realty work here: www.deanhassan.ca

Vancouver Headshot Photographer – Kenny Chue

Highline West was lucky enough to have Kenny find us on his Facebook feed. Seeing Jessie’s headshot session galvanized Kenny to contact us out of the blue for some business headshots. And although it took a bit of coordinating before we could actually get him in studio (between his job transition and moving back to Vancouver from Victoria), we are very pleased with the results!


Kenny is currently aspiring to attain his CFA designation and is already looking forward to moving into an accounting practice of his own!
[pictureframe image=”http://highlinewest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-2.jpg” align=”center” lightbox=”false” title=”Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-2″ link=”” width=”” height=””]
[pictureframe image=”http://highlinewest.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-3.jpg” align=”center” lightbox=”false” title=”Vancouver-Headshot-Photography-Studio-Kenny-2″ link=”” width=”” height=””]

Vancouver Headshot Photographer – In Studio with Victor

Victor was referred to us by another prominent headshot photographer in Vancouver. He was looking for professional, in studio headshots and we were happy to take him on as a client. One of the first things he admitted to us when he showed up was that he “had never taken a professional photo before” and while that can be a daunting task sometimes, we are always up for the challenge!


As it turns out, Victor was a bit of a natural in front of the camera and it didn’t take long before we were able to coax a few friendly and confident photos out of him.


Victor is a VP of a real estate development firm in Richmond, B.C. and a well known figure in that sector of the corporate world. It was a pleasure to have him in studio and he can now enjoy the 40% discount for any updated images he might need in the coming years! More information about our headshot packages and discounts can be found here: www.highlinewest.com/rates.

A great headshot should look like you.

Whether it’s for that next big acting role or to show your clients that you’re approachable and easy to work with, a great headshot should first and foremost look like you. The main purpose of a headshot is to not only convey what you look like, but also what you might be like as a person. A friendly demeanor can only help in a corporate atmosphere where working with others is a essential part of your business. Similarly for actors, showing a wide breadth of personality will help strengthen your chances at landing that next big part. Cramming all of that information into an instant that can be captured on camera is no small task, but the end result could mean the difference between compelling your desired audience to choose you or moving on.

So why should a headshot look like you? With all of the advances in photography and post processing, wouldn’t it work to your advantage to shape your look to exactly what your audience would want? While this line of logic seems justified, landing a client or job based on a falsified headshot will only work against you at the end of the day as the person on paper will not truly reflect the real individual when you meet in person.

We here at highline west realize the importance of having a great headshot and it is with that mindset that we work to ensure several principles are upheld. Firstly, we want to spend the time getting to know you. Nothing shows up better on camera than a comfortable and confident person. Secondly, we aren’t just concerned with capturing a sharp image (although that does carry its own importance), but we make sure to bring out the best and most intriguing/compelling elements of your personality on film. These vital headshot components, amongst many others, are just some of the things that set us apart from the competition.

Our headshot sessions are built around creating images that not only reflect you as a person, but in turn help you further yourself in your respective career. From our introductory coffee meeting, where we gauge your end goals and build a comfortable relationship, to our meticulous hand done photo editing, we pride ourselves our product, which is a great headshot of you.


It’s all in the eyes.

Well, that title might not be 100% true. But the eyes, among many other factors, play a uniquely vital role in how compelling a headshot might be.

In my experience, and you may want to test this for yourself as well, the human gaze is naturally drawn towards eyes. Whether it is a passing stranger, individuals on TV or even checking out the animals at the zoo, we are compelled to look into the eyes of any living thing we come in contact with. This same phenomenon holds true for portraits and headshots. Casting directors use the eyes in a headshot photo to help them determine what kind of potential roles an actor could play or even if they might be suitable for a future casting.

We here at Highline West understand that eyes are an important factor. How they appear in a photo can suggest a great depth of personality, convey a versatility of character roles (for actors) and even provide a friendly and confident demeanor to potential clients and hires. Putting your best face forward for your career goes without saying and, because the eyes are where everyone looks first, we tailor our headshots with this in mind. So, if you only have a split second with which to impress or captivate an audience, why not capture their attention with your eyes?