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Vancouver Lawyer Headshots: Eyford Macaulay Shaw & Padmanabhan LLP

We love building ongoing relationships with our clients. Whether it’s updating headshots for different roles or careers over the years or simply to maintain a current online profile for your internet presence. This was definitely the case when we did headshots for the entire staff for Eyford Macaulay Shaw & Padmanabhan LLP. Because the support and administration staff number in the dozens and their varied schedules made it difficult to capture them all in one session, we were asked back on several occasions to not only provide candid images of their firm at work, but to also highlight the main partners and update the portraits of their satellite office in Kelowna. It was our pleasure to work with this firm onsite on multiple occasions and we made certain to maintain an overarching professional style in all of their images.  

corporate headshot group photos in vancouver bc

Different headshot styles for realtors in Vancouver

We work closely with our clients to understand their marketing needs and Andy Chu from Nu Steam Realty ( is no exception. After discussing in depth with Andy to understand his intended uses for these images, we took his needs into account while setting up the studio. The final images illustrate the variety of styles we can offer during one session.

To meet Andy’s advertising needs, we offered both ¾ and close up headshots so that he can have the perfect poses for both his business cards and print media. We also captured two background styles, a more traditional white background and a more creative and modern grey background. The white background is versatile, enabling Andy the option to crop his image into other backgrounds. The grey offers a unique touch and professionalism that makes Andy stand out from other realtors.

At Highline West, we are committed to working closely with you to deliver the perfect images for your marketing and personal branding needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to start the conversation.

creative vancouver realtor headshot
realtor headshot grey background  vancouver realtor headshot portrait

Vancouver Lawyer Headshots – Robert Flemming Lawyers

We had to pleasure to photograph headshots on-site at Robert Flemming Lawyers in downtown, Vancouver, BC. This litigation law firm specializes in resolving complex business disputes. As part of the revamp of their website, Robbie Flemming commissioned Highline West to come take new headshots of him and the partners at the firm. Our consultation process involved understanding the look they were going for and the usage of the headshots as it relates to the new website theme. A dark grey background was selected to evoke a modern editorial and professional feel to the headshot. Our mobile setup allowed us to quickly setup our equipment and capture all the headshots of the partners in no less than an hour. Proofs for selection were made available within 24 hours and we were able to deliver the headshot images within a week. We would like to thank Robert Flemming Lawyers for having us!

friendly corporate headshot photography vancouver bc

corporate headshot photography vancouver bc

lawyer partner headshots in vancouver bc

Vancouver Realtor Headshot Photography – Irmin Bach

We had the pleasure of having Irmin Bach in our studio the other day. Irmin is an up and coming realtor with Angell Hasman & Assoc. Realty specializing in North and West Vancouver Homes. Interested in having several headshots taken for marketing and promotional needs, Irmin approached us for his very first in-studio experience.  After a couple of warm up shots, Irmin was a pro behind the camera. His approachable and friendly personality really shines in the photos. Scroll down further to take a look at some photos from his session. We invite you to visit Irmin ( for your north shore realty needs!

vancouver realtor photo irmin bach

photo of vancouver realtor irmin bach

professional photo of realtor irmin bach

New Website Update!

Highline West has some new online digs! We’ve been busy giving our website a little facelift and hope you enjoy the changes as much as we do. We’ve updated our services to include drone and aerial photography as well as expanded our portfolio to better showcase our recent work. While we haven’t departed from our bread and butter in headshots and real estate images, we would like to hint at an expansion into commercial and media management photography. So, without further ado, kick off your shoes, check out our new space and get comfy. We would love it if you stayed awhile.

Our image of Douglas Eyford featured in a national magazine!

We recently had the pleasure of being contracted to shoot a feature image for the Heavy Oil & Oilsands Guidebook. Mr. Douglas Eyford, who is the Special Federal Representative on West Coast Energy Infrastructure, has some very forward thinking views on how the relationship between governments, industry and the First Nations should be a collaborative one. In light of the recent Tsilhqot’in band court win, these views on finding solutions that work for all three players have never been more true.

Tensions were high during the shoot as we were only given 10 minutes to get the job done, but we think we managed to eek out some pretty great results.

Seeing Highline West credited in print is a great accomplishment and we’re super proud of this accomplishment!

Vancouver Corporate Portrait Photographer – Amanda Armstrong

Everyone is great at something and we would like to think portrait photography is in our wheelhouse.

Though we pride ourselves on being able to bring out the best in everyone, shy/awkward or otherwise, it really makes our day when we get a friendly face that makes our job look easy.

Amanda was just one of those people. She came in with a great attitude and a ready smile that allowed us to easily showcase her professional and friendly personality. Amanda was looking for a headshot to bolster her online profile as she set out to hunt for work in a new city. We’re happy to hear that she was hired as an Analytical Management Consultant at a large firm. We could pretend that our headshot work helped play a role in her new position, but Amanda’s experience and education (probably) had more to do with that. All kidding aside, Highline West would like to congratulate Amanda in her new job and wish her all the best in her future ventures!

Dear Photograph – Highline West takes a look at itself

So far so good!

It’s been more than a year since Highline West hit the ground running. Having been a bit green to the idea of owning and managing a business, we’ve encountered all of the mistakes… and lived to tell the tale. Sure there have been a lot of ups and downs, slow moments, even slower moments and some nerve racking situations, but we’re still here and from what we can tell: stronger than ever. We’ve met great people, learned from our mistakes, built an entire studio from the ground up and had fun doing it all. Our clients love the headshot work that we do and our architectural photography services are set up to take off. What more could we ask for? The reason we bring this up now is because it’s nice to reflect on the past. Good (and/) or bad.

One of our partners took some film images of us on his vintage rangefinder around this time last year and we thought it would be fun to turn the camera around on ourselves again now. So as a visual representation of ourselves, then and now, we present our version of Dear Photograph.

Vancouver Architecture Photographer – Onni Group’s Canvas

We recently got another opportunity to shoot for the Onni Group and their new Vancouver condo development Canvas.

It’s great to work with this family owned company and their projects never cease to wow us. The finishings are quite nice and they keep churning out solid living spaces all over the Lower Mainland.

We can’t wait to see our work go live on their marketing campaign. Click through the gallery for a sneak peak of what you might find at Canvas!

Vancouver Commercial Studio Shoot – Second Narrow Denim

This is the kickstarter video for Second Narrow Denim. The interview and close up clips were shot in the natural light of our studio space!


We were happy to have Jeremy Jude Lee (of in to shoot merchandise for local kickstarter company Second Narrow Denim ( We’ve always been fans of Jeremy’s wedding work and it was great to get a behind the scenes glance at the commercial side of it this time around.


The raw denim itself is pretty unique and a great value for the price point. We totally suggest you check them out!


If the video above doesn’t work, it can also be found here: