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Vancouver Headshot Session: Lien Yeung

Highline West recently had the opportunity of shooting headshots with Lien Yeung in our studios. Not only was she excited and ready to put her best face forward during the session, but she even tackled hair and makeup on her own as well! The shoot was a lot of fun and we think the results are proof of that.

Unbeknownst to us Lien was actually gunning for the glamorous position of weekend weather person for CBC News Vancouver and it is our distinct pleasure to congratulate her on making the cut! We couldn’t be happier for her and hope that her new job is just a stepping stone up through the ranks of the CBC! All the best from Highline West!

Architectural Photography: Oasis by Onni

Architectural photography is a precise and fickle venture. While quite different from our headshot work, we’ve found that there are some similarities that can be drawn from both practices. Both are heavily detail oriented and like headshots, real estate photography is all about the message that is conveyed to the audience viewing the image.

But I digress. One of our first architectural jobs was for the Onni Group and it was our goal to show off the amenity areas of their flagship new development Oasis in Coquitlam, B.C. Not only was the building newly finished and centrally located, but it was also touted as the tallest building in the entire city!

Excitement and anticipation for this photo shoot are understatements as the job was delayed for the better part of two weeks due to the weather. But as luck would have it, when the weather did clear, it provided us with a stunning sunset with which to capture the outdoor pool and gym areas of the residential development.

We hope you like these images as much as we do. You can also find our photos featured on the Onni/Oasis website (HERE) and in a print campaign for Burnaby, Coquitlam and New Westminster.


A great headshot should look like you.

Whether it’s for that next big acting role or to show your clients that you’re approachable and easy to work with, a great headshot should first and foremost look like you. The main purpose of a headshot is to not only convey what you look like, but also what you might be like as a person. A friendly demeanor can only help in a corporate atmosphere where working with others is a essential part of your business. Similarly for actors, showing a wide breadth of personality will help strengthen your chances at landing that next big part. Cramming all of that information into an instant that can be captured on camera is no small task, but the end result could mean the difference between compelling your desired audience to choose you or moving on.

So why should a headshot look like you? With all of the advances in photography and post processing, wouldn’t it work to your advantage to shape your look to exactly what your audience would want? While this line of logic seems justified, landing a client or job based on a falsified headshot will only work against you at the end of the day as the person on paper will not truly reflect the real individual when you meet in person.

We here at highline west realize the importance of having a great headshot and it is with that mindset that we work to ensure several principles are upheld. Firstly, we want to spend the time getting to know you. Nothing shows up better on camera than a comfortable and confident person. Secondly, we aren’t just concerned with capturing a sharp image (although that does carry its own importance), but we make sure to bring out the best and most intriguing/compelling elements of your personality on film. These vital headshot components, amongst many others, are just some of the things that set us apart from the competition.

Our headshot sessions are built around creating images that not only reflect you as a person, but in turn help you further yourself in your respective career. From our introductory coffee meeting, where we gauge your end goals and build a comfortable relationship, to our meticulous hand done photo editing, we pride ourselves our product, which is a great headshot of you.


It’s all in the eyes.

Well, that title might not be 100% true. But the eyes, among many other factors, play a uniquely vital role in how compelling a headshot might be.

In my experience, and you may want to test this for yourself as well, the human gaze is naturally drawn towards eyes. Whether it is a passing stranger, individuals on TV or even checking out the animals at the zoo, we are compelled to look into the eyes of any living thing we come in contact with. This same phenomenon holds true for portraits and headshots. Casting directors use the eyes in a headshot photo to help them determine what kind of potential roles an actor could play or even if they might be suitable for a future casting.

We here at Highline West understand that eyes are an important factor. How they appear in a photo can suggest a great depth of personality, convey a versatility of character roles (for actors) and even provide a friendly and confident demeanor to potential clients and hires. Putting your best face forward for your career goes without saying and, because the eyes are where everyone looks first, we tailor our headshots with this in mind. So, if you only have a split second with which to impress or captivate an audience, why not capture their attention with your eyes?

Welcome to our new studio!

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Highline West now has a new studio!

We’ve spent the last 45 days renovating the space literally from the ground up. Located just off Bridgeport Road in Richmond, B.C. the 500 square foot studio features:

– large windows for superb natural lighting
– blackout curtains
– private cordoned off change room
– custom makeup/beauty station
– 9 foot wide backdrops
– high-speed wireless internet
– space for meetings

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak previews of both our new projects and how the space came together!

And on behalf of Nhi, Vince and A.J. we would like to thank you for taking a peek!

Highline West presents a Movember Charity Event!

If you’ve been keeping up to date with us on the facebook page or twitter (thank you for that!) you might have already seen our recent notifications regarding the Highline West Movember charity event. If not, then let me introduce you to our upcoming good deed:

In short we are organizing a charity headshot event by donation with all proceeds going towards Movember prostate cancer awareness and research.

The event is going down like this:

Date: Saturday, November 10th, 2012 from 10AM to 7PM
Location: East Van Studios
870 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Minimum Donation for headshots: $10

Check out our facebook & twitter pages for updates and more previews of the event and other Highline West news!

The importance of building a good relationship with your photographer

It is always good to build good professional relationships with the people you work with. Even if the interaction is fleeting nobody will say “the job went well even though I loathed that coworker/colleague/boss”. This same principle applies to the field of photography as well. It goes without saying that the best images of you will most likely occur if you foster a friendly relationship with your photographer. Regardless of whether the subject happens to be a professional model and/or the photographer is one of the best in the world, if a connection is not established between the two then the images will fall far short of their full potential.

Now all that being said, it is important for those looking to have their headshot taken to invest the time into looking for a photographer that they can not only get along with, but maybe even share a laugh with. It is this back and forth interaction that I find helps produce some of the better images in our portfolio and there is no doubt in my mind that building a sense of trust in the headshot process helps to make everything run that much more smoothly. If you think back to photos of yourself it’s easy to point out the ones where you might be having fun with friends or family in a setting that you are comfortable with as opposed to images where you may not know the person behind the camera very well. The contrast in body language and facial expression between being uncomfortable and confident is night and day.

To help grease the social wheels, all of Highline West’s headshot photography packages include a no extra charge casual meeting session to assist you in deciding if we are the right fit for the job. This meeting happens before your time in front of the camera and helps to relieve any tension or awkwardness that might occur. We also like to utilize the informal meeting to start building a professional relationship and innate level of trust with you that will help add that extra bit of confidence to your photographs.

So in this modern day and age that has fostered a culture of averted eyes and feigned interest in the inanimate (cell phones have killed personal interactions!) to avoid friendly conversation, wouldn’t it be nice to make a few more friends?

Before & after: understanding the headshot process

So you want to get a headshot as a means of developing your career. Maybe you’re an actor who is looking to get a big part in a movie or you’re a realtor who wants to create a personable and approachable ad campaign presence. Regardless of the application, a headshot can make or break your chances of getting that next job or snapping up that potential client.

A quick Google search will come up with dozens of local headshot photographers who seem to offer similar things in the way of perks or value and choosing the right one can become a daunting task. The key to a great headshot is that you like your image and that it conveys a natural (literally and figuratively speaking) confidence to your prospective audience. It is with that aforementioned reasoning that we painstakingly hand edit all of our images instead of just throwing them into skin correcting software. The potential pitfalls of utilizing automatic programs in the post processing workflow are numerous and include: loss of skin texture, flattening of facial features, plastic appearance of skin and over sharpened outlines.

We here at Highline West understand that your headshot is a vital aspect of your profession and we pride ourselves on not only providing you with a superior image but also on building a relationship with you that will span the rest of your career.



Welcome to Highline West!


This blog will be a place for you to stay updated on all things Highline West. Our random thoughts, things we find interesting and useful information about headshot photography will all be deposited here. Vince, Nhi and A.J. are the creative individuals behind the scenes and the goal of this company is to work with you to develop a top quality headshot that will represent the very best version of you. If you haven’t had a chance to browse the main website or are interested in more information, please do not hesitate to drop a line via any of the usual pathways (Twitter, Facebook, Email etc.).

Now that all of the formal information is out of the way, we thought it would be fun to leave you with a photo of us enjoying the spoils of crashing a VIP party…. and paying the price.

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