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Welcome to Highline West! Specializing in actor, corporate, realtor headshot and architectural photography. Established in July of 2012 in Vancouver, B.C., Highline West is an amalgamation of three photographers who were brought together by a mutual respect for each others’ creative talent.

Understanding the various usages of headshot photography, Highline West strives to produce the very best images to compliment your portfolio, market presence and/or advertising campaign. For an actor or model a headshot can make or break a career so with that in mind our goal is to not only ensure that your photos represent the very best version of you but that the image is a natural reflection of what you would want to present to a prospective hire. This same principle applies to corporate headshots and realtors who are looking to create an approachable and professional presence to potential clients.

Our architectural photography services span anything from Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to print and ad campaigns for major Vancouver development companies such as Onni. We pride ourselves on the detail and accuracy of our images and, just like our headshot services, our aim is to ensure maximum benefit for your business from our work.


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Nhi Le contributes business and post processing experience to Highline West. Hailing from New York City where he built and continues to maintain a successful photography based company, he decided to expand his horizons in Vancouver, B.C. to explore his creative and artistic potential. Specializing in glamour and fashion photography in his other creative pursuits, Nhi has developed an exacting eye for small details that shows in all of his professional work.

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Vince Chow makes up the analytical and technical component of Highline West. Picking up photography as an outlet for his creativity, Vince has adapted his formal education and primary career as an engineer to understanding the art of capturing digital images. His dynamic technical abilities and natural inquisitiveness translate well both in capturing unique still images and post production editing.

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A.J. Kwong brings his passion for photography and creative personality to Highline West. Outside of his career in the legal world, A.J. honed his artistic viewpoint with the aid of several locally influential photographers. A.J. understands that the interaction between the photographer and the subject is an integral part of attaining an intriguing or interesting photograph and being particularly fond of portraiture he strives to bring out the inner personality in each of his subjects.

And just to show that we know how to have a good time here’s a photos sequence of us getting caught uninvited at a rooftop VIP party.

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